With its flagship business aviation aircraft, the remarkable Avanti EVO, Piaggio Aerospace set out to merge world-class customer support with a breakthrough product that combines style, efficiency, performance and cost effectiveness.

A mission that now thanks to Avanti EVO has been successfully accomplished, turning into reality what for generations few had dared to dream; an aircraft capable of blending the efficiency of a twin-engine turboprop with the performances of a jet.

Its pioneering design features make it the frontrunner in its class and earn it its advanced moniker, ‘Avanti’ - literally ahead in Italian. Innovative 5-blade scimitar propellers and the historic 3LS three lifting surface configuration work together to give Avanti EVO unique aerodynamic performance in its class. Its sleek, instantly recognisable lines accommodate a remarkably spacious whisper quiet cabin, offering passengers greater comfort than any other aircraft of its kind on the market.


Avanti EVO

The latest chapter in the story of an aviation legend, Avanti EVO is once again rewriting the rulebook on elegance and efficiency.

Combining lavish ‘Made in Italy’ style, meticulous attention to detail and groundbreaking aviation tech, Avanti EVO defies expectation. Thanks to its extended range, superior climb performance, class-leading fuel economy, and a cabin custom-made to the most exacting standards, Avanti EVO is the most sophisticated aircraft ever designed and built in its category.

In a world that’s always moving faster, business aviation plays an ever more crucial role. Business aircraft increase efficiency and eliminate waiting times, making travel faster and time spent on board both more productive and more relaxing.

The fastest twin turboprop ever made, Avanti EVO achieves greater speed without compromising operating costs, running at up to 30% less than a jet of the same size and boasting a support program that keeps maintenance costs at a rate guaranteed by the manufacturer.

The unrivalled efficiency of Avanti EVO comes complete with broad band and satellite connectivity in a cabin so spacious and comfortable that it feels like an office in the skies, offering a refined and soothing environment equally suited to rest and recreation as it is to work. In addition to cockpit space for two pilots, the aircraft accommodates up to seven passengers. With a range of over 1,729 Nm (3,185 km), Avanti EVO is ideal for any continental destination, while its ability to land on short or even semi prepared runways allows access to peripheral airports and smaller airfields not served by scheduled flights.

Special Mission

Versatility and reliability, in unison with advanced technology and optimised cabin pressurisation, make Avanti EVO not only a world-class business aviation aircraft, but in its special mission capacity it also functions as a highly accomplished multi utility aircraft.

Avanti EVO is used by the armed forces, government agencies and a diverse range of private operators such as air ambulance units, photogrammetric patrol units for territorial control and environmental protection, and even for flight inspections as a radio measurements and calibration of air navigation aid and instruments.

Piaggio Aerospace Customer Support provide a service that goes beyond simple repair, overhaul and aircraft maintenance. Manned by a global team of professionals, our extensive network of service centres are authorised and accredited, giving round the clock support to our clients, operators and their aircraft, wherever in the world they may be flying.
The Piaggio network guarantees fast response and full assistance from all major aircraft component suppliers. Benefitting from constant growth and development, our Customer Support offers business aviation operators innovative assistance programs, such as our total parts care scheme, which by covering all regular aircraft maintenance work gives full-scale customer care at a fixed monthly fee.

The perfect blend of style and efficiency coupled with industry-leading customer service from a company committed to high tech research and development: with the game changing Avanti EVO business aircraft, Piaggio Aerospace, producer of aviation technology par excellence, takes you into the air to conquer the world’s skies.

Piaggio Aerospace have secured an agreement for the production and supply of a package of important components in several critical areas of the F135 engine. Participation in the program includes the manufacture of low-pressure turbine casings and high pressure turbine supports, along with various other components. Production planning for the individual parts is shared between Piaggio Aerospace and Pratt & Whitney.

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