A global provider of excellence, Piaggio Aerospace is dedicated to cutting edge aviation technology. Among the leading industry players to design, develop and support unmanned aerial systems, business, special missions and ISR aircraft and aero engines, Piaggio Aerospace is an industry leader in business aviation and Defence and Security.


Piaggio Aerospace's aim is to continue to represent the state of the art in the aviation industry, designing, developing, manufacturing and maintaining unmanned aerial systems, aircraft and aero-engines for private operators, governments and military.

Ceaselessly pursuing research-led innovation and continuous product improvement, Piaggio Aerospace aims to drive forward leading edge solutions that ensure maximum efficiency in our industrial processes and distinction in the products and services we offer our customers, guaranteeing our shareholders a solid return on their investments.


A diversified product portfolio and long standing shareholder confidence provide the strong foundation we need to keep pushing forward the boundaries of aviation excellence. We believe our ongoing success in the global marketplace lies in the efforts and talents of the passionate people that work at Piaggio Aerospace, striving to create unique hi-tech products that meet our customers’ high expectations.

Code of Conduct and Legislative Decree 231/01

Piaggio Aerospace's activities are based on the highest standards of transparency, integrity and legality, which are considered essential to its proper functioning and to the ever-greater satisfaction of its customers. In this perspective, the Board of Directors has approved the Organisation, Management and Control Model relevant to the prevention of crimes envisaged by Legislative Decree 231/2001, as well as the Code of Conduct that contains the principles of conduct to which the company is inspired.

Sustainability Policy and Objectives

Piaggio Aerospace believes in sustainable industrial development in terms of energy, environment, health and safety. Continuous improvement culture, developed throughout years of experience in the aerospace field, mindset for excellence and passion for technological innovation make Piaggio Aerospace a leading Company for sustainability challenges.

Extraordinary Receivership

In accordance with the Ministerial Decree dated 3rd December 2018, the Italian Ministry of the Economic Development admitted Piaggio Aero Industries S.p.A. (“Piaggio Aerospace”) to the Extraordinary Receivership proceedings pursuant to the Law Decree No. 347 of 23 December 2003 as converted into Law No. 39 of 18 February 2004 as subsequently amended (the “Marzano Law”). At the same time and in accordance with the aforementioned decree Vincenzo Nicastro was appointed as the Extraordinary Receiver.

Clean Sky 2 Project

Clean Sky 2 is a EU (European Union) funded research programme under Horizon2020 programme. It is the largest European aviation research programme ever funded by EU with nearly €4 billion of funding, contributing to strengthening European aero-industry collaboration, global leadership and competitiveness.
Piaggio Aerospace is participating since the beginning in the Clean Sky 2 research activities as leader of Small Aircraft Transport (SAT) technologies development that now is involving more than 80 Partners in more than 10 European and extra-European Countries.


Piaggio is a story of success that began in Italy but spread to the world.
A story of a company with a glorious past, whose triumph over hardship inspires its products today and continues to shape its future.
Piaggio Aerospace is a story of innovation and progress started long ago, but still being written.