Piaggio Aero Industries obtains Design Organization certificate

Genoa, October 2nd, 2005: Piaggio Aero industries has been recognized as a “Design Organization” by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), as of September 29, 2005.

The approval, gained after a long and demanding examination of the company by the National Agency for the Italian Civil Aviation (ENAC), recognizes Piaggio Aero Industries as being suitable to operate independently on its products as they apply to the security characteristics required by the European Aviation Safety Agency.

In particular Piaggio Aero can:
- Independently classify any modifications or repairs on its own P180 and P166 aircrafts;
- Identify the requirements needed for air navigation applicable to the above mentioned modifications or repairs;
- Produce the documentation necessary for the conformity without the need for subsequent verifications by the Certifying Agency;
- Independently approve minor modifications on its aircraft;
- Internally produce technical documents in accordance with EASA authorities;
- Independently approve projects regarding “major” or “minor” repairs on the P180 Avanti aircrafts and on the P166 series;

The gaining of the DOA certification from the European Authorities confirms the effectiveness of Research and Development carried out by Piaggio Aero on its products and on its industrial processes. The certification by the European Authorities as an Aircraft Firm puts Piaggio Aero Industries amongst the most important international aircraft builders.