Piaggio Aero partecipates in Paris Air Show 2007

Piaggio Aero displays the P180 Avanti II at the Paris Air Show (Outdoor Area D*9) being held at Le Bourget on June 18-24.

The 47th International Paris Air Show will welcome almost 2,000 exhibitors - prime contractors, equipment manufacturers and SMES involved in state of the art technology used in the manufacture and assembly of aircraft, satellites, engines, aerospace powerplants and related equipment, as well as mechanical engineering.

Piaggio Aero dispalys the first Avati II with the new upgraded engines P&WC PT6-66B which deliver more power in cruise and climb while remaining in the basic thrust on ground. The engines also increase cruise speed and mission performances, and get up to over 402 KTAS at 31000 ft with a Mmo 0.70 cruise. speed.

Piaggio Aero’s announcements will be released on Monday 18th june.