Piaggio Aero introducing the P.180 Avanti Hi-Tech option package The P.180 Avanti, your business lounge in the sky

Piaggio Aero presents at EBACE 2008 the P.180 Avanti II interiors upgrade package, the P.180 Avanti

Already renowned for having the largest and most comfortable cabin environment of any aircraft in its class, the Avanti II cabin will benefit from further upgrades giving passengers even more style and comfort. The Avanti defines a new benchmark in light business aircraft cabin, bringing to the highest level of sophistication, comfort and productivity.

Elegant and functional, the Avanti high technology package fulfills the P.180 passengers expectations for high-performance electronic equipment, providing innovative accessories and amenities needed to work or relax.

“How is Piaggio Aero celebrating the success of the world’s most comfortable and efficient light business aircraft? By making it even better,” said Giuliano Felten , Piaggio Aero Vice-President Commercial. “We strive to continuously meet and exceed customer expectations, and the latest high technology improvements follow a long series of customer-driven changes that Piaggio Aero made on the Avanti II to improve the on board passengers amenities".

“.it”, borrowed from the internet world, means Italian Technology, and that is exactly what we have brought on the P.180 by this new option”. He added “The Avanti technology package is the culmination of a lot of hard work and dedication by our designers and engineers in Italy, and close collaboration with our international  Partners. With their cooperation we completed the mission to create a Hi-Tech environment that reflects the P.180 Avanti II unrivalled combination of superior comfort, unique style and state-of-the-art functionality ”.

The .it technology option package includes:

.it: Broadband connectivity
Specifically designed around business travellers who need to stay connected, the integrated voice and data service enhances passengers and flight crew productivity, offering a new level of cabin communications capability. This exclusive new system allows the passengers to work with the e-mail, surf the Web, tap into an office network and stay current on the latest news, all at typical DSL broadband speed. Passengers and crew can use their own 802.11b/g-equipped Wi-Fi data devices such as laptops, PDAs, BlackBerry’s®. Passengers can forget battery shortages, since any portable electronic device can be powered by the universal AC power outlets in the cabin. Broadband data service providers supported are Aircell’s ground-based broadband system Worldwide coverage Immarsat Swift Broadband and Iridium Satcom channels.

.it:  IFE  - In Flight Entertainment System
At the center of the entertainment system is Rosen’s new RosenView VX combo unit: a world-wide moving map, region-free DVD player, XM radio receiver (North American coverage only) and audio/video switching system contained in one small rugged unit. With the RosenView VX, passengers can  follow the progress of their flight, watch a DVD, listen to their preferred music (MP3 formats supported), or plug in their favorite hand-held audio/video device for their viewing and audio pleasure. Moving map information and video are displayed on two 7” sidewall mounted LCDs and one 10” flip down LCD monitor mounted on the forward cabin ceiling.The hi-fi audio passenger system includes personal wireless headset and top quality loudspeakers with subwoofers.

.it:  Mood Lighting System
The Mood Lighting System features intensity and color temperature adjustable LED lights (full color spectrum capability), providing for a huge number of color combinations for upwash and downwash cabin lighting and giving the ability to transition among the colors for different environment scenarios.
The mood LED lights can be adjusted by the passengers through 3 control panels in the cabin (one in the forward partition and two besides the aft seats). The result is a new perception for the passenger, enhancing their comfort and relaxation.

.it: Electrochromic Window Shades
The electrochromic window shades bring to the P.180 Avanti II class of aircraft a further step toward the sophistication, shaping a blend of industrial design, futuristic high technology and functionality. This technology allows each passenger to control/blind the light transmitted through his window utilizing a dimmer located next to the passenger seat.

The Avanti II offers the most spaciousness and comfortable cabin in its class with features that can only be found in aircraft costing more than twice as much. The cabin is six feet one inch wide and five feet nine inches tall. The cabin also sets new standards in terms of quietness and smoothness. The Avanti II cabin is rated as low as 65 SIL dB (Speech Interference Level); quieter than any other business aircraft in its class. The pusher engines direct sound toward the tail of the aircraft, leaving the Avanti II’s cabin virtually free of power plant noise.

The P.180 Avanti II interiors features, among other improvements, redesigned passenger service units with LED upwash and downwash lighting; custom cabinetry, sideledges, and lavatory module; as well as a wide range of trim and finishing materials. All design aspects from the cup holders to the bezels on the light switches and ordinance signs were custom designed for the Avanti II.

The .it technology option package makes the P.180 Avanti II the most comfortable and best interior equipped business aircraft of its class. Even more the Avanti II offers best performance, more comfort and greater efficiency at a lower price than any other business aircraft available today. The P.180 Avanti represents a real personal Business Lounge in the sky with its world class elegance and comfort combined with state-of-the-art technology.