Hong Kong
Piaggio Aero partecipates to Asian Aerospace 2009: the P.180 Avanti II aicraft showcased in Hong Kong

Piaggio Aero participates for the first time at Asian Aerospace 2009 (Chalet no. 4) being held at the Asia World Expo in Hong Kong from 8th to 10th September 2009. 
Asian Aerospace is the only event whose sole focus is to bring together the most influential commercial aviation professionals in Asia.
Located at hub of Asian enterprise, Hong Kong, the event is held in conjunction with Aircraft Interior Expo (AIX), Asia Pacific Aviation Training (APATS), Air Freight Asia (AFA) and Asian Business Aviation (ABA), Asian Aerospace.

Piaggio Aero will display its P180 Avanti II aircraft the largest and most comfortable cabin environment of any aircraft in its class.
The Piaggio Aero P.180 Avanti  II is the only business aircraft with the speed of a jet and the economics of a turboprop. In terms of outright fuel efficiency, lowering operating costs without sacrificing performance or environmental responsibility and less fuel burn means lower carbon emissions. That's good for the environment. When it comes to green, no other plane save so much.
The  P.180 Avanti II  is the only aircraft perfect engineered that maximum performance actually create maximum savings

Don’t miss the opportunity to Take a close look at Piaggio Aero P.180 Avanti II aircraft!
Discover the extraordinary P.180 Avanti II during the Asian Aerospace 2009 and visit  Piaggio Aero at Exhibit Spaces at Chalet no. 4 and at aircraft static display 14

Additional information on Asian Aerospace 2009 is available online at www.asianaerospace.com