West Palm Beach, Fla
Piaggio Aero shows the P.180 Avanti II aircraft at 'La Bella Macchina'

West Palm Beach, Fla. January 18 2011: Piaggio Aero will be the aircraft display sponsor at the 20th edition of the La Bella Macchina lifestyle event on January 20th at Jet Aviation’s facility at West Palm Beach Airport.

La Bella Macchina is an annual, private aviation lifestyle event in conjunction with the Cavallino Classic, which is one of the season’s key events in Palm Beach, Florida. The event will be held on January 20, 2011, and will be attended by over 500 Ferrari owners and aficionados along with 1,000 Palm Beach, Miami and New York socialites and business people.

A perennial highlight of the Cavallino Classic, the private cocktail reception is a connoisseurs’ celebration of craftsmanship, style and excellence. This gathering is part of a six-day convention for Ferrari owners and enthusiasts, with participants and their Ferraris attending from the U.S., Europe and around the world.

The evening besides the billion-dollar display of premium Ferraris also features private aircraft, yachts, and life’s other luxuries. Last year, La Bella Macchina attracted more than 2,200 elite executives, VIPs, socialites and Ferrari aficionados while raising thousands of dollars for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Palm Beach County.

La Bella Macchina highlights the Palm Beach lifestyle and the business of private air travel, connecting many of our customers in a wonderfully relaxed social atmosphere, said John M. Bingham, President and CEO of Piaggio America Inc, the US based subsidiary of the Italian aircraft manufacturer. We are really pleased to attend this wonderful event bearing in mind our strong connection with Ferrari. It’s always a great pleasure to be able to combine the Piaggio Aero and Ferrari brands because they are both recognized worldwide and clearly display their technological excellence with a unique Made in Italy style.

Just like Ferrari, Piaggio Aero represents technology, comfort and unrivalled style.
One of the most recognized logos in the world is Ferrari's "Prancing Horse? proudly displayed on the Piaggio Aero P180 Avanti II flown by the Scuderia Ferrari, the Ferrari racing team.
Piero Ferrari, the son of Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the Ferrari automotive company - is also Chairman of Piaggio Aero and Vice Chairman of Ferrari S.p.A. Mr Ferrari’s business activities definitively place him amongst the world's most authoritative ambassadors of Italian high technology.

Piaggio Aero's efforts are focused on improving the most environmentally friendly and fuel efficient turboprop while offering the same or better performance than that of its more expensive and heavier polluting jet competitors. These are the same efforts that the Formula 1 industry is taking with their research into new engines, electronics and regenerative braking systems. All these innovations then filter back to volume production cars, and the aviation industry , particularly the business aviation segment, and represent great benefits to the environment.