Farnborough, UK
Avanti EVO orders take off: Piaggio Aero lands first major contract for 50 Avanti EVO to Bravia Capital

Piaggio Aero Industries, the Company active in the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of civil/ ISR aircraft and aero engines, today  unveiled  at Farnborough International air show its  first major contract  to sell 50  Avanti  EVO aircraft to Hong Kong based investment and advisory firm  Bravia Capital Hong Kong.
The contract include 10 firm orders and 40 options for Avanti EVO aircraft to be delivered starting from the first quarter of 2015.
Bravia is a global investment and advisory firm with a primary focus on transportation and logistics investments worldwide.
The Avanti EVO, presented in May at EBACE 2014, was selected by Bravia Capital based on product characteristics that position the new Piaggio Aero aircraft as the ideal solution in today’s business aviation worldwide market.  Its greater range, superior performances, reduced fuel costs, low noise footprint, state of the art safety systems, and the largest and most comfortable cabin in its segment make the EVO an immediately attractive aircraft that will appeal to individuals and businesses alike.
Bharat Bhise, CEO of Bravia Capital Hong Kong stated:  “The market for general aviation is a highly specialized business in the United States. The Piaggio EVO will effectively service the east coast, west coast and numerous other areas that encompass a large percentage of the “up to three hour” sector of the market. We are very pleased to be purchasing an aircraft which so clearly fits a well defined niche in US private and business aviation.”
Alberto Galassi  Chairman of the Board of Directors of Piaggio Aero  said  “This first major contract for our new Avanti EVO delivers an incredible vote of confidence to  Piaggio Aero  and our new business aircraft. Bravia Capital is a highly  selective customer and investor of international stature;  They  opted for the Avanti EVO for the combination of performance, comfort and efficiency guaranteed by our  new aircraft, recognized as the best option available on the market. It is with great pride that I see the next stage of Piaggio Aero’s contribution to business aviation thanks to the state of the art technology and excellence in style of the Avanti EVO.”
Carlo Logli, CEO of Piaggio Aero remarked  “Avanti EVO’s selection by Bravia Capital is a huge source of motivation for us , an achievement that rewards  the utmost we are doing to  drive the growth of Piaggio Aero also in the business aviation sector.”  “Together with the certification of the Avanti EO within October, Piaggio Aero attach the highest priority to customer service, ensuring that Bravia Capital and their partners will be ready to operate their Avanti EVOs smoothly from 2015. I would like to express my very sincere thanks to our customers for their confidence in our company and our brand new aircraft.

Beside the already proven characteristic of the Avanti, which with a maximum speed of 402 KTAS  is the fastest turboprop in the world, the new Avanti EVO features the new “performance package” which includes:
· Innovative  winglets, redesigned nacelles, and a reshaped front wing to help boost efficiency and cut emissions by 3%. Climb performance also increases by 3%.
· New five-blade scimitar propellers, which combine with aerodynamic changes to considerably reduce external noise by 68% - 5 dB(A) making the Avanti EVO a better neighbor.
Passenger comfort is further improved thanks to a internal noise reduction by 20% - 1 dB(A) to the whisper quite Avanti EVO signature cabin.
Avanti EVO System upgrades includes also anti-skid braking, new low-maintenance landing gear, new digital steering, LED lighting, and other design and manufacturing advances which cut maintenance requirements.
Finally, the  introduction of an Increased Range Configuration option  with the already  certified auxiliary fuel tank enhance maximum range of the Avanti EVO   by 17% from 1470 nm to 1720 nm.              
In terms of comfort the newly designed VIP seats - developed by  design specialists Iacobucci HF, and finished by luxury outfitters Poltrona Frau -  together with the improved cabin air conditioning and lighting systems  deliver  an improved travel  experience in the  full stand up cabin of the Avanti EVO, by far the biggest among its competitors.
Avanti EVO is the latest chapter in the story of the aircraft which rewrote the rulebook on aviation elegance, design, and performance. Avanti EVO blends the very best of Italian style, peerless craftsmanship, and intelligent thinking to create an aircraft that stands alone for its values.