Piaggio Aerospace: the first retrofitted P.180 delivered to the Italian Air Force

After the latest test flights, Piaggio Aerospace has successfully completed the retrofit of a first P.180 operated by the Italian Air Force: technicians and engineers upgraded, certified and delivered a P.180 “Avanti I” - the first release of the aircraft – carrying now a new configuration called Avanti II+, based on the latest aeronautical technologies.

The delivery of the “Leader Aircraft”- which will be used as a model for 12 additional planes - represents a significant milestone in the Italian Armed Forces’ fleet long-term modernisation programme, which also includes the production of 15 new P.180 Avanti EVO carrying a state-of-the-art configuration called “Avanti EVO+”.

As part of the same program, a few days ago the first P.180 EVO+ left Piaggio Aerospace’s premises in Villanova d’Albenga to reach the Company’s hangars in Genoa, where it will be painted and furnished after further tests.  Both the modernised aircraft and the new ones will be equipped with updated avionics, a landing gear with enhanced steering and anti-skid systems, and new, more efficient brakes.